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Modern education encourages students to learn proactively- actively seeking for new knowledge and also reflecting on and evaluating their previous knowledge and experience. Rather than being passively taught what should be learnt, students should allow their curiosity and interests drive their learning.

IQBar recognizes the importance of proactive learning, and allows a studying environment where Breadies are given the chance to decide what and how they want to learn. IQBar cherishes the uniqueness of each individual Bready and encourages Breadies to find what interests them to help draw up their own academic and career plan, and find the motivation to execute the plan from beginning to end.

On IQBar, Breadies can select a variety of courses and subjects, choose Buddies of different backgrounds and personalities, and arrange an individual timetable to suit their needs. Studying with and learning from Buddies from the top UK universities, Breadies will receive high quality, personalized tuition.

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Co-Founders: May and Helen

Mother Liaises with Daughter to Initiate Brand New Business Model.

After having experienced international education in great depth, and conducted thorough research in various online education systems abroad, May and Helen established IQBar, to bring the innovative concept - ‘individualised and pro-active international education’ – to life.

Helen has attended three prominent international schools in Beijing: BWYA, Yew Chung International School, and Dulwich College Beijing. With a record of outstanding scores and achievements: Top in the World for IGCSE Coordinated Sciences, Top in China for IGCSE Best Across 8 Subjects, IB HL subjects 7/7/7, IB Bilingual Diploma, UKMT perfect score, ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Distinction, SAT 2240, IELTS 8… Helen secured offers from the London School of Economics (LSE), University of London (UCL), St. Andrews University, and New York University. After embarking on her BSc Economics degree at the LSE, as a freshman, Helen represented LSE (in a team of three) to compete in the annual fund management competition held by Orbis Investment Management; defeating Oxford, Cambridge, LBS and other top UK universities, the LSE team portfolio out-ran the return of the market index by a 24.2% margin.

Diverse international education experiences and internship opportunities have equipped Helen with an international perspective and skills that are indispensable to capture and execute novel concepts. Helen founded IQBar with her mother May, to promote the modern concept of ‘individualised & proactive’ learning, after incorporating her own experiences with the abroad advances in online education. Helen currently serves as the Co-CEO of IQBar, responsible for IQBar’s overseas operations. Helen is also a popular Buddy at IQBar; she is keen to share her experiences and knowledge with everyone in need.

May graduated from People’s University with a degree in Economics Applied Mathematics. In 1993, Mrs May Cao Xiaoning and five others founded Huaxia International Credit Consulting Co., Ltd (HX). In 2006, being the pioneer of China’s credit information industry, HX forms a strategic partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Group (D&B), a Fortune 500 company with 170 years history in the US. HX and D&B jointly established Huaxia D&B, D&B Micromarketing and a number of other joint ventures. In 2014, May acutely captured the rapid growth and development in international education, and apprehended the corresponding gaps in supplementary services and products; May decided to establish IQBar with her daughter Helen, to bring new vigor and vitality to international education. May is currently the CEO of Huaxia Credit Group, and Co-CEO of IQBar, responsible for IQBar’s domestic operations. As Helen’s mother, May enjoys sharing her experiences with other parents, in how to become friends with their child and how to help their child to develop into a well-rounded person.

Million-Dollar Investment: Focus on Providing Customised Elite International Education Services

IQBar is the high-end international education service platform owned by QiaoBa Education & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. IQBar has obtained a million-dollar investment from Huaxia International Credit Group, the following has more than 23 years’ experience in venture capital investment. As an internet and international education practitioner, IQBar seamlessly matches students’ unique needs to courses, disciplines and specialties, thereby, providing elite and customised online education services to students. IQBar is committed to improve the allocation efficiency of the global education resources.

Huaxia International Credit Group (HX), a pioneer in China’s credit information industry, has formed a strategic partnership with Dun & Bradstreet Group (D&B), a Fortune 500 company with 170 years history in the US. HX and D&B jointly established a number of joint ventures in China, including Huaxia D&B, D&B Micromarketing. With its more than 20 years experiences in investment, industrial analysis, business management and risk control, Huaxia takes IQBar as its strategic move towards the field of Internet and education.

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11月23日,来自教育行业的百余位专家、社会名人,近800家机构,超过1000位全国教育行业精英代表齐聚北京2016中国教育盛典,由新浪教育主办的这项活动无疑成为了今年最令人瞩目的行业盛会。备受关注的2016中国教育年度荣誉奖项在盛典现场揭晓,其中,国际在线教育创新品牌桥吧国际教育的联合创始人朱梅、曹晨阳Helen荣获 “2016中国在线教育十大创新人物奖”。

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2017年2月4日,Sino British Summit – “伦敦中英峰会” 在伦敦四季酒店拉开帷幕。本次峰会分为四个板块:2017年世界经济展望、中式教育与西式教育的碰撞、国际社会对中国的影响、中国品牌走向世界。桥吧国际教育联合创始人Helen作为中英教育融合方面的新兴企业家受邀参加了此次峰会,作为第二主题的参与人,Helen与现场的各位中英教育界专家深入探讨了国际教育的问题。

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